"In addition to providing needed accounting help with the daily operations of the business, Custom Accounting continues to provide guidance and advice for future growth of the business. Most of our appointments are via conference call and LogMeIn (or Skype), making the time commitment minimal. Also, the scheduling has been very flexible around my needs. I cannot recommend Natalya and Custom Accounting highly enough."

-Tess Gill with Brooklyn Victory Garden, Inc.

"We've worked with Natalya at Custom Accounting for over two years, and are extremely happy with her services. Natasha helped us from the very beginning with everything that was required to start the company, and all financial and tax issues since. Natasha has ably continued to provide us excellent accounting and tax services. Natasha is a very smart, dedicated professional with an acute understanding of today's financial landscape and challenges faced by small and medium businesses everywhere."

-Alexander Kharlamov with Loginaut

"Being a “start up business”, my questions were related to start up cost, mileage and legitimate tax write-offs particularly with this being my first time filing as a business. Ms. Grigoriev not only showed herself to be extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise, but was able to answer questions and explain concepts in a way that I, who lack that kind of knowledge, could understand. I highly recommend Ms. Grigoriev for higher levels of growth and responsibility. Her willingness to be a “team player”, desire to assist others and thirst to continually improve will be an asset within any organization she becomes a part of. Her professionalism is unparalleled and I count it a privilege and blessing that I can access her services when in need."

-Leonard Bennett with Exodus Auto Institute

"Natalya Grigoriev performs full charge bookkeeping services for my business. She uses Quickbooks to record our company’s transactions including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation, Period Closing, Intercompany Transfers, Fixed Assets and generation of various management reports. She demonstrates solid bookkeeping knowledge and is proficient with Quickbooks software. Natalya is efficient and reliable. I would recommend her services without any hesitation."

-Robert Tannor with Creditor Liquidity, LP

"When looking for an accountant, my requirements were specific and somewhat lengthy. Not only did I need someone who could keep my business’ books and pay its taxes in a timely and competent manner but, as a first time small business owner, I needed someone more experienced than me in many areas. I had to work with someone who was familiar with POS and accounting software I had in the shop, someone who could advise me on tax rules and deadlines, answer accounting questions and train me in the business’ finances. This was a difficult combination to encounter. Natalya has fulfilled these needs and more. Natalya has been instrumental in helping me become a confident, informed, knowledgeable and prepared small business owner. For that I am extremely grateful. She deserves many thanks and acknowledgement for her knowledge, professionalism, attention to detail, promptness, availability, kindness, care, patience and efforts, She’s a significant and vital part of my business team and I could not accomplish what I have without her assistance. I have recommended her to many other business owners and highly recommend her to you as well."

-Elissa Olin with Green in BRKLYN